Ett forskningsprojekt kring gränsöverskridande innehåll, estetik och samarbetsformer i filmberättande.

Kommande Evenemang/Upcoming Events

BLOD(y) is an exposition of the work processes of BLOD – a research and film project trying to go beyond norms when it comes to content, aesthetics and modes of collaboration in cinematic storytelling. 

The Open Space exhibit features the film, its source materials in different forms, works in various degrees of progress and scheduled talks on related topics. 


The project is exploring collaboration across professions, between friendship and the collegial and beyond academic positions – alternating writing, filming, editing – a liquid and blurred line between life and art. Working on BLOD, all hands-on artistic processes are taken on jointly and uncompromisingly, while challenging power hierarchies, artist myths and traditional cinema’s demand for naturalism and narrative logic in both imagery and mise-en-scene. 


The film BLOD revolves around female bleeding from cradle to grave, but is not all about liquids. It also examines emotional swells in the wake of the blood – between people when bodies fail. The film events where modes of creating, key issues and artistic ambition are embodied, are based on experiences of being human with brains, heart and uterus. 


Stockholm 2019

Annika Boholm & Kersti Grunditz Brennan 

Tidigare Evenemang/Past Events

Time and Place:

Nov 21 11–19 

Nov 22 11–16  
Nov 23 11–17
Nov 24 11–17

Färgfabriken - Lövholmsbrinken 1 


Do you want to be an extra in a PhD-project in film?

BLOD is a research project in film based on experiences with womb related events.


Annika & Kersti play all the parts but sometimes they’re part of a group that should be perceived as in sync with what the world actually looks like.


We’re looking for you who want to contribute to this group’s looking like a cross-section of the women of the world

in functionality, gender expression, skin tone,

body type, age…

Group scenes against green-screen:


A rave – we dance away!

A blood rite – we celebrate menstruation!

A dinner – with gynecological instruments!

A band - we play gynecological instruments!

A procession - we stride in formations!


Do one evening or both. You don’t need training in dance or theater,but we like so see a picture of you so that we can put this group together.


We provide food when you arrive, fruit and water through the evening and of course you'll get invitations to future screenings. While we wait for external financing this is undfortunately what we can offer at this time.


What to wear:

We have costumes (a kind of dressy gowns) that can be worn

as they are or over regular clothes - pants/tights and t-shirt/tanktop/bra.


Filmarna Annika & Kersti gör en

revanschfilm om blodspår genom kvinnolivet. När den enas bisarra blödande visar

sig vara cancer står de plötsligt mitt i filmen de håller på med. Det som var ett

lekfullt försök att hitta tillbaka till skaparlusten blir en berättelse på liv och död. Som drivs framåt av vilda samtal med insprängda sekvenser ur filmen de gör.

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The film makers Annika & Kersti make a revenge movie about bloody trails through womanhood. When the bizarre bleeding of one of them turns out to be cancer, they find them selfves at the center of their movie.

 What started as a playful attempt to get back to the joy of creating, becomes a story of life and death. Propelled by wild conversations broken up by scenes from the movie they are making.